Solbox EVP(Employee Value Proposition)

HR System

Solbox established the basic annual salary system applied to all employees according to their job values and performances and provides 360-degree feedback based on fair and objective standards. .


Solbox provides rewards according to performances of the company and individual employees. The reward is provided in line with job abilities of each individual and team rather than based on seniority. In addition, Solbox provides opportunities for increased reward to those who are assessed as ‘top performers.’

Flexible Working Hours

Solbox implements five-day working system and offers flexible working hours so that employees can choose to work either from 9 to 6 or for eight hours a day according to characteristics of each team..


Solbox offers a wide range of education and training programs for job performance improvement, computer skills and language competencies. Solbox is supporting all employees to grow and advance forward by developing their individual skills, qualifications and work performances using the education and training programs.

Solbox Benefits

Health Examination

In addition to the four social insurance programs, Solbox offers additional insurance programs to all employees. In addition, Solbox supports employees to receive health examinations in general hospitals annually for health management and prevention of various diseases.


  • Solbox selects exemplary employees each year and presents them with a gift of money for overseas trips.
  • Solbox offers internal language training courses by inviting instructors from outside.

Other Employee Benefits

  • Solbox provides the highest benefits points so that the employees can enjoy self-development, culture, travel, shopping, dining, workout and educational experiences using the points.
  • Solbox supports internal club activities for employees who enjoy the same hobbies.
  • Solbox offers employees to use a company-owned condominium for trips among families and coworkers and also supports employees in their cultural and recreational activities.
  • Solbox presents congratulatory gifts of money and vacation to employees on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

Job Openings and Procedures

Solbox has job openings whenever there is a demand for new employees or vacancies in each division. In addition, Solbox is receiving job applications all year round as outlined below.


Unix Developer
  • Unix C/C programming
  • Understanding about network programming
  • Understanding about multi-thread programming
  • Priority given to large-scale system developers
Unix-based large-scale Internet service system development
Windows Developer
  • Understanding about Windows programming
    (API/ MFC)
  • Understanding about network programming
  • Experience in C++(Windows) and Visual C++
Windows-based application development
System Operation
  • Experience in system engineering for two or more years
  • Overall understanding about Unix, Linux and network
  • Priority given to persons with experiences of working in IDC
System operation
Web Application Developer
  • Java/JSP, JQuery, AJAX, JSON/XML, MVC Model development
  • API (RESTFul / TCP) development
  • DB SQL (Mysql/MariaDB, Oracle)
  • Linux, Apache+Tomcat
Web Application development in Linux environment


Applicants must be qualified for overseas trips. As for male applicants, a separate consultation is necessary for those who have not completed or been exempted from military service.

Recruiting Procedures

  1. 1) Submitting application
  2. 2) First screening based on career papers
  3. 3) Second screening by interview
  4. 4) Entry-level/ experienced positions

How to Apply

Send your resume and cover letter (experienced applicants to focus on their development career) through e-mail titled ‘Job Application’ (job@solbox.com). Applicants who pass the screening by career papers will be contacted individually.