• 12Selected as ‘Best Family Friendly Management’ by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • 06Selected as ‘Main-Biz’ by Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • 01Certified as ‘KT Cloud Certified Gold Partner’ By KT
  • 01Selected as ‘Youth-Friendly Small Giants(in Work-Life Balance Category)’ by Korea Ministry of Employment and Labor


  • 08Selected as ‘Seoul-Type Small Giants’ by Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • 01Selected as ‘Youth-Friendly Small Giants(in Wages and Work-Life Balance Category)’ by Korea Ministry of Employment and Labor


  • 11 Selected as a military designated company (Research Institute)
  • 08 Won Prime Minister’s Prize in Korea The 20th Innovative Technology Show 2019
  • 01 Obtained a patent for providing video playlist to viewers
  • 01Selected as ‘Youth-Friendly Small Giants(in Work-Life Balance Category)’ by Korea Ministry of Employment and Labor


  • 11Won the Silver Prize from the ‘2018 ICT Patent Management Awards'
  • 11Selected as 'Best Places to Work' by the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • 09Participated as a major partner of KT '5G Open Lab'
  • 06 Provided the SBS online broadcast service for the 2018 FIFA World Cup
  • 03Obtained patent related to video data


  • 11Released CDN supplementary services for audio, video and advertising content
  • 10Signed contract with ETRI to transfer speech recognition technology
  • 09Participated in 'International Broadcasting Convention 2017'
  • 05Participated in 'Streaming Media East 2017'
  • 04Participated in 'NAB Show 2017'
  • 04Selected as Global Create SW by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning


  • 12Obtained US patent on global server load balancing
  • 09Attended 'Connect.W 2016 (Global ICT Partnership Program 2016)'
  • 08Launched Solbox Cloud service through distributor agreement with KT ucloud Biz
  • 08Supplied DDoS protection infrastructure to NCIS (National Computing and Information Service)
  • 06Attended 'MWC Shanghai 2016'
  • 04Supplied CDN platform to NBP (Naver Business Platform)
  • 04Selected as ‘Youth-Friendly Small Giants’ by Korea Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • 04Operated the exhibition booth at ‘Broadband & TV Connect Asia 2016’ in Jakarta


  • 11Supplied CDN platform to “WBSC Premier 12” event by Korean OTT service Pooq
  • 09Supplied CDN platform to OntapTV.com, the OTT service in South Africa by PCCW Global
  • 06Supplied CDN platform to top 3 Korean video services – Naver TVCast, Daum TVpot, and Kakao TV
  • 05Attended 'Streaming Media East 2015'
  • 04Agreement with PCCW Global on global CDN and retail media solutions
  • 02Supplied CDN and Ad Zipper solution to Smart Media Rep(SMR)


  • 11Attended ‘Streaming Media West 2014’
  • 11Launched Server-side ad insertion solution ‘Ad Zipper’
  • 06Launched ‘MPEG-DASH Streaming’ solution
  • 04Obtained four streaming and copyright protection related patent
  • 03Renewed the Customer Portal
  • 01Attended ‘CDN Asia 2014’
  • 01Supplied cloud solution to Skylife of KT


  • 12Signed contract for joint ICS project with Suho Japan
  • 11Attended ‘Vietnam Internet & IT 2013’
  • 10Selected as ‘Global Professional Technology Development Business company’ conducted by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
  • 08Launched ‘Cloud Streaming’ solution
  • 06Launched ‘Cloud Storage Acceleration’ solution
  • 06Selected as ‘Advanced Technology Center Association company’ conducted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • 05Obtained DDoS related patent
  • 04Supplied ‘Solbox Media Streaming’ to Tving of CJ HelloVision


  • 10Demonstrated ‘Smart Node Based Contents Silk Road Implementation’ technology jointly developed with ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) at the 49th ABU (Asia – Pacific Broadcasting Union) General Assembly (Seoul)
  • 09Demonstrated ‘CDN Link Technology’ jointly developed with KAIST at the APNOMS (Asia – Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium) 2012
  • 09Launched ‘SB MediaShield’ solution
  • 03Supplied ‘Solbox Media Streaming’ to Pooq of Contents Alliance Platform
  • 03Launched ‘SB HLS’ solution and supplied it to MBC pooq


  • 11Supplied ‘SB Could Server’ to NBP (NHN Business Platform)
  • 04Supplied solution to KT Ucloud CDN
  • 04Selected as ‘Kibo A+ company’
  • 01Selected for ‘Red Herring Global 100 Companies 2010’


  • 12Won Prime Minister’s Prize in Leading Technology category at the 5th Korea Internet Sward
  • 11Selected as ‘Red Herring Asian 100 Companies 2010’
  • 10Supplied ‘SB Cache’ to ‘DDoS Shield System’ of the National Computing & Information Agency, Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • 08Supplied global game platform of Korea Creative Contents Agency through KT ICS Cloud Server
  • 08Launched ‘Contents Delivery Cloud (CDC)’ solution
  • 04Commenced KT ICS Cloud Server pilot service and supplied it to Softnyx, U.S.
  • 04Launched ‘SB Mobile Streaming’
  • 03Jointly worked with KT on ‘implementation of green infrastructures and green ware based next-generation IDC test bed’ project of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • 03Jointly researched for ‘low-cost and large-scale global Internet service solution development’ of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)


  • 12Launched ‘SB iPhone Streaming’
  • 12Selected as Oracle Partner Network’s ‘Gold Partner’
  • 11Signed contract for joint U+ CDN (formerly, X-CDN) project with LG U+ (formerly, LG Dacom)
  • 09Designated as a company for substitute military service (research institute)
  • 08Launched ‘SB Flash Steaming'
  • 07Launched ‘SB Cache’ v3.5, a super high-speed cache solution
  • 04Supplied large-scale high-speed patch (120Gbps) using cache service to NCSOFT ‘Aion’
  • 02Commenced cache service targeting NGN
  • 01Signed contract for consignment of KT IDC server hosting operation


  • 11Recorded Korea’s largest download service scale (200Gbps) for NCSOFT ‘Aion’
  • 10Launched Silverlight transcoding system
  • 08Recorded Korea’s largest steaming service scale (230,000 simultaneous accesses) for KBS’ live Olympic Games broadcasting
  • 06Obtained certificate as venture business
  • 05Selected as ‘INNO BIZ’ by Small and Medium Business Administration
  • 04Supplied NeoCast 1.5 to KT Image Hosting
  • 01Obtained patent for virtualization storage


  • 10Commenced KT ICS 2.0 (CDN) service and supplied download, cache and streaming services
  • 03Supplied NeoCast 1.5 to Free Egg
  • 02Achieved 1,000 TB for KT ICS Cloud Storage service
  • 01Won ‘Solution Excellence’ prize at the KT Partners Award


  • 12Signed contract for ‘Hana TV VOD Unit development’ with Hanaro Media
  • 10Supplied ‘SB Cloud Storage’ to image hosting service of KPOST
  • 07Supplied NeoCast 1.0 to KDIDC
  • 03Obtained patent for contents distribution technology
  • 02Commenced KT ICS 1.0 (cloud storage) service and supplied ICS service to SORIBADA


  • 12Signed contract for joint ICS project with KT
  • 06Signed contract for web storage service with Asadal and Netian
  • 06Signed contract for web storage service with Internet Nayana
  • 02Signed contract for IT solution affiliation with Samsung Electronics


  • 12Registered as venture business with acknowledgement by Small and MediumBusiness Administration
  • 06Supplied i-Heart web storage solution
  • 04Launched ‘SB Cloud Storage’


  • 06Supplied NHN web storage solution
  • 04Signed contract for Enterprise Networks billing service


  • 11Signed contract for Hansol i-Globe billing service
  • 10Signed contract for Inet Hosting billing service
  • 10Established Solbox