Quick and Reliable,
Optimal Website Environment Using Cache Service


Company Name DANAWA
Business Area Price search and shopping web portal
Website www.danawa.com
Applied Service Web Acceleration

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DANAWA is Korea’s largest price search and shopping web portal. The percentage of objects with file size of 500byte or less is almost 87%. In addition, the percentage of graphic files, such as images of products, is also high. Moreover, DANAWA experienced difficulties in ensuring fast page response speed when users increased rapidly. Since loading speed is directly related to sales, DANAWA had to find a way to improve on the page loading time.


Fast Page Loading Speed Guaranteed

DANAWA was able to improve its average page response speed to 0.04 sec. by applying low-capacity file optimization cache settings using the ‘IT ICS Cache’ service applied with Solbox’ ‘Solbox Web Acceleration.’ In addition, the company ensured satisfactory page response speed by significantly lowering web server load even at specific points in time when visitors count increased rapidly.

Swift and Reliable Service

DANAWA could prevent failures by detecting failures and rapid traffic increases through real-time monitoring and promptly handling the problems using reserve servers. In addition, DANAWA has benefited from economic effects as it lowered system implementation and management cost by decreasing bandwidth of origin servers up to 97% on an average using cache server.