Case Study



Company Name Korean Film Council
Business Area Special corporation
Website www.kofic.or.kr
Applied Service Cloud Storage

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As damages from illegal reproduction and distribution of film contents spread, Korean Film Council implemented the Korean Open Movie Exchange (KOME) system as a way to create a legitimate film download market. As an online market mediating film sales between copyright holders and online service providers, KOME saves film files in servers on the public online distribution network and provides contents to consumers by allowing consumers who have made payments through service providers to directly download the films.
However, for this system, the biggest task was to implement a platform to swiftly save all domestic film contents and provide them to consumers. Korean Film Council selected as their partners in establishing an environment for transparent trading of the enormous amounts of film contents as KT and Solbox that had been building up experiences over several years and successfully providing services in cloud storage field.


Large-scale Internet Storage Surpassing Limits in Scale and Performance Scalability

Korean Film Council was able to swiftly implement an archive where diverse and large-scale film contents are saved at once by applying ‘KT ICS Interactive’ based on the ‘Solbox Cloud Storage.’ In addition, Korean Film Council successfully established an open platform with which contents providers and service providers can conveniently and freely share contents.

Economic Value Secured

Korean Film Council could save on initial investment cost by renting out infrastructures necessary in system implementation rather than directly purchasing them. In addition, Korean Film Council became able to focus its competencies on the core values by reducing failure processing and administrative costs as well as human resources required for the KOME implementation and operation.