Case Study


Rising up as the Best MMORPG
Through the Largest-scale Download Service in Korea


Company Name NCSOFT
Business Area Online game development and service
Website http://aion.plaync.co.kr
Applied Service Download

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‘Aion,’ an ambitious work from Korea’s largest online game company, NCSOFT, received great expectations and interests even before it was officially launched. NCSOFT predicted that a large number of users would flock in all at once considering the extreme popularity of the game. Accordingly, the company had to prepare for rapid traffic increases. However, in a situation where it was difficult to predict the count of simultaneous log-ins and the highest traffic, increasing infrastructures was quite a burden on the company in terms of the cost and the operating personnel required.


Largest-scale Download Service in the Country

‘Aion’ from NCSOFT made headline by generating an enormous traffic of 192Gbps at the time of service opening. For successful download service, NCSOFT introduced ‘KT ICS Download’ service based on the ‘Solbox Download’ and, as a result, was able to handle the huge 192Gbps traffic successfully. This is the largest download scale in Korea. Despite the approx. 200,000 simultaneous log-ins, NCSOFT was able to provide service at fast speed.

Efficient Handling of Large Traffic

Following the launch of ‘Aion,’ NCSOFT could stably provide service to its users by successfully handling the additional traffic of 150Gbps – 200Gbps on an average a day for its first update service using ‘KT ICS Download.’ In particular, NCSOFT solved the problem of bottleneck effects generated at the game download and improved on the instable transmission speed by handling large traffic successfully and, as a result, was able to implement an environment for swift and stable download service. Using the service, the company could cut down on its cost and operating personnel.