High-quality and High-definition Streaming Service
with Optimized CDN and Additional Functions


Company Name Contents Alliance Platform
Business Area N screen service
Website www.pooq.co.kr
Applied Service Media Streaming, HLS Gateway for Android

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‘pooq’ from Contents Alliance Platform, a joint venture of MBC and SBS, is a service enabling users to watch terrestrial broadcasting contents of KBS, MBC, SBS and EBS as VOD and on approx. 30 channels in N screen, such as PC, smart phone and tablet PC. In line with the popularization of mobile devices, ‘pooq’ service became popular and the subscribers count exceeded 700,000 in just over two months. Contents Alliance Platform was in need of a CDN service to successfully respond to the increasing traffic. For them, providing high-quality and high-definition service was most important considering characteristics of paid service.


Stable High-definition Live and VOD Streaming Service Guaranteed

Solbox is supporting people using diverse devices to enjoy stable high-resolution live and VOD services by applying Solbox Media Streaming to ‘pooq.’ In addition, as ‘pooq’ is a service providing contents of all four terrestrial broadcasting companies in Korea, Solbox is successfully responding to the unexpected traffic increase by implementing large-scale infrastructures and systems. Solbox is taking part in enabling Contents Alliance Platform to provide premium service by not only supplying the CDN functions optimized to N screen service, but also implementing a wide range of additional functions including independent channel programming solution and contents protection solution.

High-quality Service through Diverse Mobile Devices

In Android OS 2.3 version or lower that is used by approx. 90% of all Android users, only the streaming service is provided through RTSP (real-time streaming protocol). As a result, a significant portion of Android users are experiencing instability in the services received. However, Solbox has enabled Android users to receive high-quality and high-definition streaming service equivalent to that of iOS environment by applying Solbox HLS Gateway for Android solution capable of implementing HTTP Live Streaming of Apple even in Android environment.