Case Study


Large-scale Storage Service for
Fast and Low-cost File Sharing Environment


Company Name SORIBADA
Business Area Club type web hard
Website www.soribada.com
Applied Service Cloud Storage

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SORIBADA, a club type web hard, holds an enormous amount of contents as it provides a service allowing its members to share and download files. SORIBADA, the largest web hard service in Korea, was in need of large-scale storage in line with its user count continuously increasing. However, the company experienced difficulties in securing operating personnel and equipments as well as in terms of the cost required in implementing large-scale storage.


Large-scale Storage on a Loan

Instead of increasing facility investment, SOIBADA started seeking for a service where the company can use as many infrastructures as it requires and pays the cost accordingly. In the end, SORIBADA introduced the ‘ICS Interactive’ service of KT, which had been promoting cloud storage service over a long time based on Solbox technology. Through this, SORIBADA secured a large-scale storage that surpasses limits in storage and performance scalability. As a result, SORIBADA is now able to provide stable service even when users increase rapidly by adding on storage spaces instantly.

Fast Service and Economic Value Guaranteed

SORIBADA became able to provide fast and stable upload and download service to its users with the large-scale storage service and, thus has benefited from the effects of not only service quality improvement, but also 30% cost reduction by lowering the count of its internal servers from 140 to 20.