Solbox Ad Zipper Demo

SME 2015


Ad Zipper

The traditional approach for delivering in-stream video ads requires dealing with client-side SDKs, plug-ins, and JavaScript by each device respectively. This results in hiring too many personnel and investing too many resources to overcome the technical difficulties for ad delivery and to handle ad blockers with temporary fixes and high costs. But publishers are faced with the loss of ad revenue due to the buffering issue, ad system’s fragmentation, and use of ad blockers.

To solve all the above mentioned issues, Solbox invites OVP providers, CDN players and video publishers to insert engaging video ads into the video contents dynamically via a server-side ad insertion technology. Your advanced ad service with Solbox Ad Zipper can help the Internet video publishers maximize their video ad monetization and enhance ad delivery performance.

Solbox Ad Zipper inserts server-side video ads directly into the media content source in real-time and delivers a single media file or stream on any device without any client-side changes. This offers dynamic and targeted ad insertion and drastically shortens time-to-market ad servicing with lower cost. It can also provide TV-like ad delivery performance without buffering and is not affected by most ad blockers. Therefore, it enables OVP providers, CDN players, and video publishers to provide a dynamic and targeted video ad service for their video publishers bringing a high-quality user experience across all devices.

Ad Zipper Diagram


  • - Real-time Stitching
  • - Multi-protocol Support
  • - In-stream Pre, Mid and Post-roll Ads
  • - External Storage Integration
  • - Local Media Caching
  • - Content Segmentation
  • - Audio Selection
  • - EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY in HLS not in Use
  • - Fast Start Support
  • - Integration with the Wowza Streaming Engine


  • Minimize technical issues from the client-side ad insertion technology to support SDKs and plug-ins across all devices.
  • Eliminate ad loss due to most ad blockers by stitching video ads and media contents into a single file or stream.
  • Enable a smooth and secure streaming service with support for various codecs and streaming protocols
  • Insert the targeted ads into the media content anywhere you want.
  • Through integration with NAS and cloud storage, it provides efficient local caching of video ads and media contents for quick response and high performance.