Solbox CDN&CLOUD - Single platform Architecture


File Delivery

Nearly a billion internet users are around the world. File sizes and media libraries are expanding exponentially. Media-viewing habits expects anytime-anywhere access at lightning speeds. Solbox has built a content delivery solution designed to satisfy these escalating demands.

Whether the end users are renting videos, downloading music, or upgrading to the latest software, the Solbox File Delivery can handle all of your object deliveries—including video, music, images, games, and software.

File Delivery Diagram - The content provider uploads the service contents on an upload pool or a cloud storage through the content publishing tool. The service contents are deployed in the  delivery servers in each IDC. The users are connected to the optimal server with the Global Load Balancing and are provided with the delivery service by their devices and internet environment.


  • Managing Content Upload
  • Support Multiple Streaming Formats
  • Conditional Access Control
  • Enhanced Content Security
  • • Efficient Session-level Traffic Control
  • Easy-to-use Download Manager


  • High performance for instant user access to your content
  • Massive scalability to handle peak loads and flash crowds
  • Consistent delivery performance, regardless of device, geography, or network conditions
  • Insight into traffic, audience, and performance
  • Lower cost of delivery—minimizing capital investment and staffing
  • Fast deployment
  • Shorter start-to-finish delivery times