Solbox CDN&CLOUD - Single platform Architecture



More and more content providers need the freedom to deliver their content directly to their end users. Content providers want more control and easier interface over their delivery.

To help content providers to deploy and operate their own CDNs, the Solbox Publishing offers a wide range of services and technologies such as to upload contents, to synchronize contents to the appropriate servers within the ISPs. Each uploaded content is synchronized into hundreds/thousands edge servers during the “publishing” process.

The Solbox Publishing is a easy and efficient contents upload tool to provide the various methods. The.


Content Manager 3

Is a Windows-based application to manage contents for CDN service with intuitive GUI(Graphical User Interface)

Contents Deployment CLI(Command Line Interface)

Is a module to upload and deploy contents by entering commands on a console.

Contents Deployment SDK(Software Development Kit)

Is a library for the developers to set up the upload and deployment service customized environment optimized to the customer system.

Content Manager 3 screen - This screen shot is a log-in window of the Content Manager 3, an application for contents management.


  • Easy-to-manage Contents
  • Rapid Contents Deployment
  • Secured and Accurate Contents Deployment


  • Automated system operation enables contents management flexible and efficient with a minimum operating personnels
  • The conveniences of publishing provide the high stability and reliability of contents deployment, dispatching, and synchronization