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Web Acceleration

In today’s Internet-driven world, your audience demands instant access to your online content, whether they’re accessing your company websites and online applications, or downloading music files or software. These demands for a faster, richer web experience, along with increasing file sizes and unpredictable traffic, can make it challenging to live up to user expectations without costly investments.

The Solbox Web Acceleration offers you a cost-effective solution for quickly and reliably delivering content to audiences by applying multi-core based high performance caching— even during peak traffic and flash crowds — so you can provide the performance they want while reducing digital delivery costs.

Web Acceleration Diagram - The service provider deploys the service contents on the origin servers. The caching servers in each IDC stores and transmit the contents instantly that are requested frequently. The users are connected to the optimal server with the Global Load Balancing and are provided with the caching service by their devices and internet environment.


  • Website Transformation
  • High-performance Caching
  • Optimized Caching Speed
  • Redundant Origin Servers and Automatic Fail-over
  • Powerful and Instant Purge
  • Enhanced Security
  • Conditional Access Control
  • Robust Reporting and Support Tools


  • Optimize the delivery of your images, web pages and documents deployed for localized delivery of your web content
  • Keep visitors on your site with responsive interactions
  • Engage users with performance similar to using desktop applications
  • Captivate users with high quality media and personalized information
  • Accommodate peak loads, seasonal traffic, and audiences
  • Lower infrastructure costs while increasing flexibility, scalability, and availability
  • Gain full visibility into site activity with detailed reports and analysis