Solbox CDN&CLOUD - Single Platform Architecture



SOLBOX CLOUD - Increasingle cloud computing enables business to deliver new services, enter into new markets, get closer to customers, and make employees more productive.
					Solbox has been focusing on cloud computing environment that can manage virtual servers, networks, and storages based on virtualization systems.

Cloud Storagemore
Provides an Internet-based storage system designed to work with CDN services for storing a large amounts of data without the traditional limitations of file system.
Has proven excellent performance and reliability in the cloud storage market up to 3 PB in size more than 7 years.
Service features include storage virtualization, real-time volume control, load balancing and error monitoring.
Cloud Storage Accelerationmore
Provides high-performance access to cloud storage and to manage the delivery of hot content between the client and servers.
Depending on the type of connection to cloud storage provides SolProxy and SolDrive.
Service features include dynamic block-level caching for HTTP range Get, perfect collapsed forwarding, storage mount, and acceleration of content I/O.
Cloud Streamingmore
Provides proven storage virtualization and intelligent service routing technology for the high quality videos with lightweight and high performance.
Service features include platform virtualization, media service support, content replication and distributed storage, real-time allocation control, intelligent load balancing and load dispatching, security, auto failure detection and recovery.
Cloud Servermore
Deployed in minutes and can be resized for more CPU, disk space or memory on demand.
Has proven effectiveness and reliability of the cloud server.
Service features include various hypervisor supporting, intelligent auto provisioning, web-based management tool, and real-time monitoring.