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Cloud Storage Acceleration

Today’s ongoing and rapidly-accelerating growth in data comes at the same time that organizations of all sizes are focused on cost deduction. Cloud storage is really beneficial for small and medium businesses, large enterprises and individuals. Cloud Storage provides lots of benefits such as flexibility, agility and cost-effectiveness. Many businesses take advantage of cloud storage.

But cloud storage has limitation on content service by focusing on storing data not delivering them. With sudden and explosive requests for hot content, there can be storage performance bottleneck, thus affecting the total service quality badly.

Solbox’s Cloud Storage Acceleration is used by organizations of all sizes to provide high-performance access to cloud storage and to manage the delivery of hot content between the client and servers while some nodes of cloud storage which uses HTTP, RESTful API and WebDAV has got dramatic decline in Disk I/O by frequent requests for hot content. Solbox’s Cloud Storage Acceleration helps enterprises to adopt seamless services using existing storage resources without latency to them


SolProxy supports the block-level requests or local caching for the cloud storage by connecting the storage in the reverse proxy mode regardless of HTTP request type of the clients.


  • Dynamic Block-level Caching for HTTP Range Get
  • Perfect Collapsed Forwarding
  • Distributed Caching for Multiple Nodes
  • Automatic Extension of Caching Nodes for Hot Content
  • Caching for Private Content


  • Content caching is processed not at the storage node but at the cache node, that results in cutting down overload of the storage nodes.
  • Distributed content caching on multiple nodes provides faster client access, maximized hit ratio and some degree of fault tolerance.
  • It enables the stable and secured service on the multiple nodes by caching hot content when requests for hot content grow rapidly in the distributed caching environment.
  • Cache nodes can be distributed into the multiple countries, thus allowing the cloud storage service globally.


SolDrive is a caching file system solution to let you connect and mount to various remote storages and cache file system. You can manage the contents of remote storage as a local disk by mounting remote storage. SolDrive has proven stability and high-performance of several years services with major game players, educational business and music streaming.


  • Off-line Mode in Case of a Remote Storage Failure
  • Storage Mount
  • Acceleration of Content I/O
  • Support Optimized Cache File Format
  • Usage Control of Local Caching Disk
  • Quick Recovery of Service Failure


  • Offer the ability to mount terabytes of contents data of a remote storage as a local disk without modifying applications.
  • Effectively optimize the management of your infrastructure at the equivalent local site by performing block-level caching of the contents stored in a remote storage.
  • Secure the consequent and stable service by recovering its data from a remote site when a remote storage experiences failure or downtime unlike SAN/NAS.
  • Connect to any web-based storage system.
  • Once the facilities at the local site are fixed, the remote replicated data can be written back to the local site to resume operations.
  • Achieve scalability, flexibility and economics of storage service by utilizing the common storage for the CDN service.