Solbox CDN&CLOUD - Single Platform Architecture


Cloud Streaming

With the booming of internet applications and entertainment electronics, it comes with an enormous streaming multimedia over the Internet: anyone can access the media content on the Internet anywhere, anytime, for any purpose. With the emerging of cloud computing paradigm, the cloud media streaming solution helps the content providers or the OTT service providers to build media service with a minimal set of servers and to scale the hardware investment up in proportion of the service growth, so that end users can satisfy their varieties of streaming demands as long as it can access to internet.

With efficient and proven storage virtualization and intelligent service routing technology, Solbox is now releasing the Cloud Streaming Platform(CSP) for the high quality videos with lightweight and high performance. The Solbox Cloud Streaming consists of Solbox Cloud Storage, a large and distributed cloud storage cluster comprised of multiple storage units tied together through virtualized application, and Solbox Service Router to provide intelligently load balancing and load dispatching by the content.

The Solbox Cloud Streaming integrates CDN edge servers and cloud storage into a single infrastructure, minimizing hardware investment and operational costs. It will create a new CDN business opportunities for OTT providers and content providers who want to start the media service before anyone instantly and lightly and to gain a competitive edge in the market.


  • Platform Virtualization
  • Intelligent Load Balancing and Load Dispatching
  • Media Service Support
  • Enhanced Security
  • Content Replication and Distributed Storage
  • Auto Failure Detection and Recovery
  • Real-time Allocation Control
  • Rapid Response Time


  • Solbox provides complete suite of integrated solutions for multiple device(PC, Smart TV, mobile, tablet, and settop box) media streaming system in supporting streaming services like media content distribution, live video broadcast and video on demand for the OTT service, the digital signage or the e-learning service providers.
  • The content service providers can minimize initial capital expenditure(CAPEX) on hardware, software, and services by the modular and stackable architecture.
  • Individual CDN server storage can be formed to cloud storage virtually to avoid extra cost for content storage. Simple addition of servers will provide more storage and bandwidth capacity as the service grows.
  • Automated operation management for CDN configuration and capacity changes improves operational efficiency and reduces the risk of operator’s errors.
  • The Solbox Cloud Streaming provides more enhanced security for the user access, so that you can provide the fault-tolerant Pay per View service on the multiple devices.