SolPlayer SDK

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Nearly a billion internet users are around the world. Now they are moving toward the mobile world without the constraints of time and space. Every one of them requires advanced, convenient and secured media experience on their mobile device. But with varying system requirements this can be complicated and expensive.

The SolPlayer SDK is an integrated solution of streaming, authentication, time shifting and value-added features that enable customers to provide stable streaming environment, powerful media security and service convenience. SolPlayer SDK is provided as a solution of SDK type that optimizes the various customer requirements, extends the features flexibly and establishes the optimized mobile service.

SolPlayer SDK Diagram

HLS Gateway for Android

Support Apple's HTTP Live Streaming in Android 2.3 and lower environment.

HLS Gateway for Android Diagram

Caching & DRM

Enable users to cache and download the HTTP live streaming contents into mobile devices and view the contents stored securely anywhere, anytime.

Caching&DRM Diagram

Time Shifting

Enable users to store the live streaming contents real time, and to move and play the playback point. .

Time Shifting Diagram


  • HLS Gateway for Android
    • - Interwork with Media Framework in Android through RTSP.
    • - Use the optimized decoding scheme according to the hardware and operating system of the device   makers.
    • - Support live and VOD streaming both.
    • - Provide playback, stop, pause, and seek functions.
    • - Support AES128 bit encryption of the MPEG2-TS segments.
    • - Support 720p HD-videos (depends on hardware performance).
    • - Provide accurate playback start time by detecting image changes.
  • Caching & DRM
    • - Support mobile OS mostly like iOS 4.x and higher and Android 2.x and higher
    • - Utilize the mobile streaming system by using Apple’s HTTP live streaming
    • - Support DRM mode to use AES128bit encryption and None-DRM mode simultaneously
    • - Support cache and playback the video contents simultaneously
    • - Detect and block access from jailbroken iOS and rooted Android OS
    • - Provide the detection and blocking screen capture and TV output
  • Time Shifting
    • - Support to seek the playback point and to play
    • - Reduce traffic by transferring effectively the play list
    • - Support the long-term time shifting


  • Ensure the high-quality mobile media services by applying once streaming, DRM and other various features to secure the same quality as a lot of smart devices though one solution.
  • Able to optimize for customer’s mobile service for play, security and other features as a SDK to deploy your own UI-based application easily and conveniently.
  • Ensure the same high definition and high quality streaming services as iOS in Android OS 2.3 and lower.
  • Support Apple’s HTTP live streaming by interworking web browser of Android.
  • Maximize the user satisfaction by allowing them to access the high-quality video contents that has been experiencing broken or low-quality image.
  • Minimize packet loss during protocol conversion and firewall blocking caused in the RTSP streaming environment.
  • Ensure the seamless playback with caching and playing simultaneously compared to any other players.
  • Relieves the burden and concern of the service providers for contents leakage and duplication.
  • Enable users to download the video contents to mobile devices and watch the contents stored securely anywhere, at any time. The users can save the delivery cost effectively and dramatically by performing download in a fast and cheaper network environment and playing the video contents in low and more expensive outside or moving environment.
  • Enable end-users to seek the playback point and to play in live media service, and to enjoy the past content instantly without using VoD service.