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SolPlayer SDK

We only require payment of a flat monthly subscription fee. We offer a range of options that suit the way your business. If you installed the SolPlayer SDK app on a device for up to 10,000, you will pay $49 per month. You can purchase based on amount of devices to service.

  • - Convenient, pay-as-you-go monthly billing
  • - Pay based on number of devices installed app.
  • - Includes license fees and support costs

Choose among three monthly subscription models:

Standard Professional Enterpirse

How is number of devices calculated?

SolPlayer creates the finger print in the each device and delivers it to Solbox owned device analysis system. The system calculates the number of devices based on delivered finger prints. Solbox provides the calculated number of devices by monthly mailing.

What happens if the number of devices exceeds the maximum?

If the number of installed devices is exceeded than the contract number, the plan of this month and next month changes to the appropriate plan for excess devices. The costs of next month including the excess costs will be charged.