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Advanced Global Load Balancing

Solbox GLB

The GLB technology is a core technology of Solbox, DNS-based load balancing solution for CDN services. CDN services can provide the end-users with the advanced user experience instantly and reliably by providing the nearest and highly optimized IDC to the end-users using proximity and response time between the end-users and CDN network. By distributing the traffic to several servers appropriately and blocking traffic transmission to the failed servers, it maximizes large-scale contents service performance dramatically.

With multiple IP addresses routing to your deployment, each of the addresses can terminate at a load balancer that serves your back-end application. This allows you to have multiple incoming connections each serving up the same content, providing a redundant load balancing layer as well as a redundant application layer.

This is a great way to protect against failure and increase overall throughput, giving you the ability to scale for high availability and high performance. If a disaster occurs in a specific data center or connection to server fails, it takes action quickly to connect to the different optimized server and secures the uninterrupted service by transferring the corresponding contents. And it hands over effectively the overloaded IDC load to the appropriate and affordable IDC by checking IDC load constantly.

Forced interruption enables a system administrator to detect unusual access to CDN contents through a particular country or specific IP bandwidth and to set up the block specification for them. With this blocking, unnecessary load to the servers can be decreased while servicing normally.

Global Load Balancing - If a user requests the contents by connecting the service, the Solbox GLB checks the local DNS or IP Authoritative DNS. Then it checks the status of server farm by node and monitors the traffic of the servers. Based on the DNS data, it transmits the requested contents to the user instantly and securely from the closest and the most optimized server.

Solbox SCR

Solbox SCR(Service Content Router) is designed to help IT organizations reduce complexity and accelerate readiness when processing hundreds of millions of content in data transmission. You can provide the fast and secure service for large-scale content with minimum investment.

Solbox SCR enables to distribute and store contents over multiple cache servers without redundancies and to download content from the appropriate cache server by identifying and designating the content URL requested by the users. Additionally, despite any changes in the server number due to system failure or server expansion, Solbox SCR can redistribute content without incurring a big slow down. Especially it executes load balancing to prevent any load bias over the cache server by the hot contents through the intelligent content distribution algorithm.

Solbox Service Contents Router