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KT Selects Solbox’s Cloud Storage Acceleration Solutions for Ucloud Caching

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Solbox (CEO Taeha Park,, a leading CDN (Content Delivery Network) and cloud software provider, announced that it has supplied acceleration solutions to increase the performance and speed of cloud storage to KT’s Ucloud Caching service.


With demand for online content rising exponentially, the server industry is turning more and more to cloud storage as a way to efficiently deliver content. However, cloud storage has limitation in delivering hot content saddled with mass requests as cloud storage earns its marks mainly by its ability to store an unlimited amount of data, rather than for speedy delivery of content. Therefore, when certain hot content is overburdened with requests, cloud storage may experience an overload of traffic and a subsequent slowdown in service speed.


KT has introduced Ucloud Caching to ensure speed and performance for its Ucloud Storage customers through Solbox’s Service Contents Router and Cloud Storage Acceleration. The Ucloud Caching, as a supplementary service to Ucloud Storage, efficiently handles the processing of hot content within the cloud storage and guarantees a fast rate of service. It also supports the quick transmission of streaming and downloadable content, and works well for delivery videos, games, and other large files.


Solbox’s Cloud Storage Acceleration, built onto KT Ucloud Caching, diminishes the loads placed on storage nodes by supporting dynamic block-level caching between users on the cloud storage. The Service Contents Router helps out by intelligently distributing millions of pieces of content from the clouds storage to cache servers while avoiding redundant content by multiple cache servers. This solution of Solbox ensures consistent service with no slowdowns as it responds flexibly to the high-demand for hot content by automatically adding cache nodes. The Cloud Storage Acceleration supports OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3, standards within the public cloud service industry, and brings these advantages to KT Ucloud Caching.


“The release of the KT Ucloud Caching is a prime example showing that cloud storage values not only content basic function as a content repository but the speed and performance of its delivery.” said Taeha Park, CEO of Solbox. “KT has chosen to combine with Solbox technology as a step to swiftly respond to the needs of this market and play a leading role within it. By incorporating Solbox’s cloud storage acceleration technology, we have achieved cost saving and stability of Ucloud Storage for its users.”